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Condos for Sale in Brampton, Ontario, Canada: Finding the Perfect One for You


Searching "condos for sale in Brampton, Ontario, Canada”? Going through dozens of listings? How do you find the perfect one for you?  Before buying a condo, make sure you do your homework. Know what questions to ask. Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction.


Where to Start


Condo living can be exciting, affordable and convenient. Condominium buildings are often located closer to the action: near nightlife, restaurants and transit. They are an affordable, accessible way to get into the housing market. Condos make it easy to lock the door and travel, for both business and pleasure.


Before starting the process have a good, hard look at your finances. Speak to your financial advisor or bank manager to determine how much you can afford. Consider how much room you need; one bedroom or two?  Then, decide on which location best suits your needs. Once you have determined your goals, it’s time to find the right real estate agent who can help you achieve them.


What Makes a Great REALTOR®?


Respectful, responsive and honest relationships are integral to working with a REALTOR®. A good REALTOR® should come with the right accreditations, repeat business and excellent referrals. They should be knowledgeable about the market, negotiating and the location where you want to buy. An experienced boutique firm, based out of Brampton is the JN Asensio Realty Brokerage. They’ve received excellent reviews for their personal, client-based approach. They also have lots valuable information on their website, including articles such as "Budgeting Towards Homeownership.” Be sure to meet with a variety of potential REALTORS®, to make sure you find one that you feel confident and comfortable with.


What to Look for in a Condo


Before falling in love with a particular unit, there are many points to consider.

  •        Find out the unit’s proximity to the elevator or garbage chute. Is the unit right above the garage door?
  •        What amenities does it have? A gym? Party room? Concierge? Think about what you will use vs. what you’re going to pay for.
  •        Get a feeling for noise in the building. How thick or thin are the walls?
  •        Does the unit come with a parking space or storage locker? Both add resale value. What about visitor parking?
  •        Consider the sun exposure. Southern exposure can be lovely in winter but scorching hot in the summer.
  •        What is the view of?  The wall of the apartment building next door? Or a tree-lined park?
  •        What are the condo fees and what do they include?


A good real estate agent will walk their clients through these questions. They will also be able to explain the some of the more complicated concerns surrounding condo living.


Status Certificate


According to the Real Estate Council of Ontario, a condo building’s status certificate includes critical information about each condo corporation. It will include rules, bi-laws, financial records, rental status and more. It’s important to have a good look at the balance of reserve funds, which cover inevitable future repairs.


While there are many lovely condos for sale in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, it’s important to enter into any purchasing agreement fully informed. Having a knowledgeable REALTOR® to ask the hard questions is an important asset: making home ownership a positive, happy experience.